Episode 5 – A Little History on National Telecoms Regulations

Episode Notes

Episode 5

A Little History on National Telecoms Regulations

I read from two papers --

Toward a Common Law of Telecom, Eli M. Noam, 1996

Telecommunications: Collective Bargaining in an Era of Industry Reconsolidation

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Episode 4 – All about the proposed Broadband Development Authority

What it would do, how it would work, and who would be running it

Episode Notes

New York A01958 – "Omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2017"– Section 3, the Proposed Broadband Development Authority

Episode 3 – Internet in remote areas and Net Neutrality in Law

Episode Notes

California SB-649 – Wireless telecommunications facilities. New York A01958 – Enacts the "omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2017" – Items 16 & 17 of Section 4102, Sec. 3, Define current and next generation broadband – Section 6 discusses "Neutrality Report"

Episode 2 – Computer spyware protection, telecoms call centers, and the Broadband Access Act 2017

Episode Notes

New York A00506 – Enacts the "computer spyware protection act" New York A01399 – Telecommunications and cable corporation call centers New York A02048 – Creates the broadband internet access act of 2017

Episode 1 – Phone bricking and ISPs handling personal info

Episode Notes

New York S01580 – Relating to smartphone antitheft protection; establishes requirements for the acquisition and resale of wireless communications devices. New York S05603 – Prohibits the disclosure of personally identifiable information by an internet service provider without the express written approval of the consumer.

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