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All the bills and articles mentioned on the show!

Episode 6 – Net Neutrality Resolutions, Wireless Internet in Hawaii, and IOT in Massachusetts

IL SR1117: Protect Net Neutrality

OH HCR 18: Continue net neutrality and open internet access

HI HB2651: Relating To Wireless Broadband Facilities

MA S.179: An Act relative to the cybersecurity of the Internet of Things and other smart devices

Episode 5 – A Little History on National Telecoms Regulations

Resource of Note

Congressional Dish #163 on Net Neutrality

Show Articles

Toward a Common Law of Telecom, Eli M. Noam, 1996

Records of the Civil Aeronautics Board

Telecommunications: Collective Bargaining in an Era of Industry Reconsolidation

Episode 4 – All About the Proposed Broadband Development Authority

Resources of Note

This Week In Law, Episode 409, Net Neutrality...

What Actually Happens the Day Net Neutrality is Repealed

Show Bills and Articles

New York A01958 – "Omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2017" This episode covers only Section 3, the proposed Broadband Development Authority, what it would do, how it would work, and who would be running it.

The Commissioner of Department of Economic Development & Empire State Development Corporation –

Chair of Public Service commission –$File/pr17048.pdf?OpenElement

State office of Technology –

Senate Majority Leader –

Speaker of the Assembly –

Comptroler –

Bonds –

SUNY President –

Explanation of Easements and Rights of Way –

Episode 3 – Internet in Remote Areas and Net Neutrality in Law

California SB-649 – Wireless telecommunications facilities.

Article – In Northern New York, Broadband Expansion Faces Challenges

Article – Op-Ed by San Jose, California Mayor

New York A01958 – Enacts the "omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2017"

Items 16 & 17 of Section 4102, Sec. 3, Define current and next generation broadband

Section 6 discusses "Neutrality Report"

Episode 2 – Computer Spyware Protection, Call Centers, and the Broadband Access Act of 2017

New York A00506 – Enacts the "computer spyware protection act"

New York A01399 – Telecommunications and cable corporation call centers

Department of Public Service – Consumer Assistance

Department of Public Service – Telecommunications

New York A02048 – Creates the broadband internet access act of 2017

Episode 1 – Phone Bricking and ISPs handling of Personal Info

New York S0158 – Relating to smartphone antitheft protection; establishes requirements for the acquisition and resale of wireless communications devices.

New York S05603 – Prohibits the disclosure of personally identifiable information by an internet service provider without the express written approval of the consumer.

Relevant article - Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect personal data without permission

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